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411 Hub


Following on from the successful multi-partner working hub that was based at 423 high street and a successful Big Lottery application in 2017, the 411 HUB was launched to help individuals that are homeless access services and support they need.  The evolution of the 411 HUB has gathered momentum since 2018 and there are now many different services and rooms that can be used to facilitate the different needs of our residents and the local community:

  • The IT suite, where people can create C.V.’s, job searches and make benefit enquiries.
  • The café, located on the ground floor – where people can purchase affordable meals and drinks.
  • The training room, where training and education sessions will be held for people wishing to further their skills and knowledge.
  • The terrace garden, situated on the first floor – for a more relaxed atmosphere where people can socialise and also meet service professionals.
  • The Clinical room will facilitate the services to provide healthcare for the local community and residents.
  • The wet/shower room where individuals can take a shower and use hygiene facilities.
With customer service at the very heart of everything we do, the 411 HUB continues to go from strength to strength.


“In 2019, 4266 individuals were counted / estimated to be sleeping rough in England on any one night.”

– Homeless Link

We understand that homelessness can be a stressful situation that can affect people from all different walks of life. We understand that an individual facing homelessness can feel anxious, angry and demotivated. We understand. And we are here to help you.

The HUB is a place where homeless adults, those at risk of homelessness or vulnerable individuals can come to seek assistance from a variety of services. We believe that accessing help should be made easy and we work to supply the skills and tools required to gain employment and sustainable private housing. the HUB is tailored to the needs of the people!

Currently, we have experienced Support Workers, Turning Point, Hep C Trust, Homeless Nurse Provision and NHS Sexual Health situated in the building. These services work hand in hand to provide assistance in substance abuse, mental health, training, further education and sexual health.

No one leaves The 411 HUB without help!

The HUB contains a variety of coloured rooms. There are coloured lines on the walls which direct visitors to the suitable rooms and services. Our space is completed with a garden terrace area growing plants and vegetables, which provides an outdoor space for individuals to meet their support workers and service partners if they choose.

The HUB promotes opportunity, diversity, inclusion and progression.

How you can help AMAT

There are lots of ways in which you can help support AMAT to ensure that we can continue to provide our support to the homeless and vulnerable people in Medway.