Aerial View of The Hive community space


The Hive is our community space, providing social activities and events, alongside specialist support and development opportunities for the people of Medway.

We know that people who are struggling with housing problems, their mental health, substance misuse or relationships, or who are homeless will need help to access many different kinds of support at the same time.  The Hive works with many different services to make sure everyone can get access to the help they need, all under one roof.

Established as 411 HUB in 2016 by AMAT’s Residents who wanted access to the range of services needed to support them with particular issues, and would provide a space to meet new people and socialise whilst learning new skills and enjoying multiple activities and events.

Great place, I always felt welcomed, the staff and volunteers do an amazing job

At The Hive, we do three main things:


The Hive has an IT suite where you can stay connected, job search, make benefit enquiries, improve Maths and English skills or drop in for a chat with our Hive staff.

We have an accessible toilet and shower room with fresh towels and toiletries that are free to use and available to those who may not have access to washing facilities elsewhere.

Our new lift means everyone can access The Hive easily and safely.


At The Hive we work with a wide range of partners that can help with physical and mental health, housing issues, substance misuse, relationship abuse, amongst others.  Our staff can arrange appointments for you and help you access what the services you need. Please see more here


The Hive calendar of events has something for everyone; with classes, events and activities where you can meet new people and develop new skills.

Regular sessions include Alive and Singing Choir, Desert Island Discs, Cookery, Bingo, Art and Coffee Mornings. We also hold monthly quizzes, film showings, pool and darts sessions and pamper sessions & more.

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On a Tuesday there’s Maths and English, its been running for three weeks, I am doing that… for people with paranoia, people like me it’s so much better. It’s still hard for me, in the computer room. I did a course back in 2013 a basic computer course, and I didn’t learn a thing, it was hard being around 12 other people, I learnt nothing and in three weeks here I have learnt something. It’s people I know around me, even the teacher she is lovely, I put my hand up, and she will come and help me, it’s amazing. I do really need this.

It is a welcoming and friendly place – come and say hello!


Without The Hive there would not be an open safe space for socialising, meetings and activities. The space provides a provision that makes their care a ‘whole person’ approach rather than just providing a room or bed to sleep in,




How you can help AMAT

There are lots of ways in which you can help support AMAT to ensure that we can continue to provide our support to the homeless and vulnerable people in Medway.