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Before a Service User/Resident can be offered accommodation with AMAT, a referral must be made.  We accept referrals from other agencies such as probation, local authorities and other voluntary agencies.  We also take self-referrals; for anyone experiencing homelessness in the Medway area that can attend our office to complete the referral form.

The prospective Service User/Resident is then invited for a referral interview.

Applicants are able to look around the project and are welcome to ask questions.

If AMAT are able to offer accommodation, we will look for a suitable bed space to maintain a balance in the community.

If no suitable accommodation is available, suitable applicants may be offered emergency accommodation if available, otherwise applicants are advised to call on a daily basis to enquire about accommodation and provided with an alternative providers list.

We endeavour to assist as many individuals who are eligible as we can.  To this end, each application is judged upon its own merits.

AMAT adheres to a strict equal opportunities policy in all aspects of its work, including dealing with prioritising referrals.

Applicants not meeting AMAT’s eligibility criteria cannot be accommodated within the service

AMAT will prioritise referrals on the following basis.

  • Whether the risks posed to or by the individual can be managed within the service (This will involve a risk assessment with the applicant).
  • Whether the needs of the individual can be met within the service.
  • Whether accommodating the individual will cause an imbalance of needs within the community.
  • The impact of ‘homelessness’ on the individual and the vulnerability of the applicant.
  • Availability of a suitable space for the individual and their needs.
  • Any other information that is relevant to the applicants needs and circumstances which may better inform the prioritisation process.

Once a decision has been made to offer accommodation and the applicant has accepted accommodation, then a Licence (occupancy agreement) and housing benefit paperwork will need to be completed with the new Service User/Resident.

The Service User/Resident will be shown to their accommodation, including the facilities and be any Health and Safety considerations and be introduced to other service users.  Each new Service User/Resident will be given a Residents Handbook, instant living kit and bedding, which they will sign for.

We wish all Service Users/Residents a happy stay at AMAT.

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