For all homeless adults to have access to safe accommodation and the necessary support to rebuild their lives.



To reduce and prevent homelessness by providing accommodation and re-building lives, through personalised support and collaboration with other partner organisations.



Positive Outlook: AMAT UK gives chances, celebrates accomplishments and uses a positive approach to inspire and build confidence amongst residents.

Person-centred: We provides tailored services for each resident; recognising that each adult requires support specific to their needs and circumstances – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Strength-based: We recognise and build on the strengths of our residents and staff, promoting positive connections within the service of the organisation, and the wider community.

Reflective Practice: We promote self-responsibility in both residents and staff; recognising all people have different ways of coping with adversity, and we encourage development through reflective practice.

In Partnership: We work with partner organisations and community groups to enable a wide-range of opportunities for residents and access to vital support.

Respect & Dignity: We are committed to ensuring staff, residents and partners operate in a way that safeguards people’s dignity and always treats them with respect.

Accountable: We commit to being accountable to our residents and the communities we serve.

Co-production: Residents and staff are encouraged to shape AMAT services to best meet the needs of the local community.


Theory of Change 

In 2021, AMAT UK engaged in a Theory of Change process, this has allowed us to look at our processes, and whether these match our practice. It is an assessment of how meaningful our service is for the people that we support, and whether the way we do things produces the long lasting change we aim to deliver.


How you can help AMAT

There are lots of ways in which you can help support AMAT to ensure that we can continue to provide our support to the homeless and vulnerable people in Medway.