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AMAT UK houses & support approximately 300 residents currently, and receive over 380 referrals every year.

In addition to the provision of funds from Trusts and Foundations, we are reliant on the generous support of our community and individuals just like you.

In a recent survey asking our partners what would the effect be if our 411 HUB had to close, it was stated “It would be very detrimental; the most vulnerable people in one of the most deprived areas of the country would be left with very little support.”

Please donate to AMAT today to help us continue our work to support homeless people.

Your donation will make a real difference

Any amount will be gratefully received, and below is an example of what your gift could contribute…

£10 will pay for refreshments at Residents’ activities where Residents build on their social skills, relationships, and boost their self-esteem, such as Bingo, Games Club, or Choir practice.

£25 will pay for the ingredients used in one Healthy Eating and Cookery Class for homeless Residents working towards independent living.

£50 will cover the cost of half a day with a specialist designated Support Worker delivering essential support sessions for Residents

Thank You

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How you can help AMAT

There are lots of ways in which you can help support AMAT to ensure that we can continue to provide our support to the homeless and vulnerable people in Medway.