1st June 2023

Because AMAT is a unique place to work we have 2 four legged members of our Team.   Please meet Peggy in the blue harness and Leo is the Red.    And, Yes, they are both wearing staff badges!

National bring your dog to work day is June 23rd.    A campaign we fully support.  Peggy and Leo are great source of comfort to our staff and Residents who enjoy saying hello to them and giving them some fuss.  Stroking an animal can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, during moments of stress.   We’re grateful to their owners for generously sharing them with everyone.  And as you can see, Peggy and Leo also have a great time.

Everyone knows the benefits of owning a dog, they’re a great motivator for walking more, they are good for our mental health- giving us something to focus our mind and energy on and they provide love and companionship.  No one is ever as pleased to see you as a dog!

Another thing that sets us apart from other organisations is that we’re the only accommodation provider, that enables people to be housed with their pets in Medway and Maidstone.  This is something we’ve always done.

We also became endorsed by the Dog Trust, last year.  Being dog-friendly was important to us, because we are taking a trauma-informed and person-centred approach. For many dog owners experiencing homelessness, they will have experienced trauma and loss in their lives. Being asked to give up their dog can reinforce this.

For someone experiencing homelessness, their dog may be the only positive relationship they have in their life. Us accepting dogs-helps to preserve this vital relationship.

Being endorsed by Dogs Trust means free pet care to any of the dogs living at AMAT through their wonderful hope project.  Each dog gets a Starter pack when they move in as seen in the picture of Peggy and Leo.    We also receive and distribute Christmas presents, as modelled by lovely Peggy.

So, in this month’s blog,  I’m celebrating something that makes AMAT unique and wonderful dogs.   Here’s my little man Vincenzo, a Rescue I’ve had for 5 years now.   Who provides me with love and laugher daily.

Till next time,

Jodie. X

How you can help AMAT

There are lots of ways in which you can help support AMAT to ensure that we can continue to provide our support to the homeless and vulnerable people in Medway.