JUNE 2024

1st June 2024

Monday 3rd June to Sunday 9th June is volunteer week- I want to take a moment to thank all our volunteers. We really appreciate all their time, effort, and energy.   There’s an obvious benefit to AMAT of us having volunteers.    There are also many benefits to the individual who volunteers their time :-

  • Improving your physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • Boosting your confidence, self-esteem and sense of purpose
  • Learning new skills and gaining valuable work experience
  • Making new friends and feeling more connected and valued
  • Helping people in need, worthwhile causes and the community
  • Sharing your talents, knowledge and experience with others
  • Contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of the community


Our Residents are able to volunteer their time in our Café, Hive Charity Shop, Breakfast room ,  cover reception in the Hive, help out with events and sit on interview panels.  Recently I was able to work with *Louise a Resident on an interview panel.  The person being interviewed asked them about AMAT.  Louise said that she is grateful to AMAT for housing her and her partner in a flat, after they were living in their car for six months.  She said she’s happy to volunteer and said she just wanted to give something back.  Louise really enjoyed being part of the recruitment process and is looking forward to doing it again.


Our Board are all volunteers and by pure coincidence we hold our Annual Board away day in June.   It’s a good opportunity to get everyone together and look at all things strategic. Whilst we meet every two months for the usual Board meeting format.   Time spent outside of the usual environment is beneficial.  It gives the Team more time and space to bring their unique set of skills and experience to ensuring AMAT is performing the best way possible along with the Senior Management team, to provide homes and rebuild Lives.

We’ve proud of the fact that we’ve been able to nominate Alex- Board member for the Kent Charity awards for Trustee of the year.   Alex was thrilled to be nominated, when asked what he gets out of being a trustee he said “As an ex-resident, being able to understand how the charity runs and the difference it makes, has been a real eye opener, and having a say for the residents is really important to me, because I understand their journey. Being a board member has given me more confidence, made me more empathic and I feel that my opinions are valued and make a positive impact to the lives of the homeless adults that we work with.”


We’re always on the lookout for volunteers so if you’re interested in volunteering for us or joining our board.  Please go to our website and complete the form and we will be in touch.  It’s such a great way of giving back to your community and making a difference.

Till next time

Jodie x

How you can help AMAT

There are lots of ways in which you can help support AMAT to ensure that we can continue to provide our support to the homeless and vulnerable people in Medway.