3rd April 2023

April is stress awareness month.   So, this has got me thinking about my own stress, I feel like I have a pretty high tolerance to stress, I’ve always said that bodes well for AMAT.   I possess an ability to face challenges, resolve them and keep it moving.   Which can be a blessing and a curse.

There is much to be stressed about in the charity sector, I wrote in my blog last April about the cost-of-living crisis and as predicted homeless is on the rise – with figures from London for last year confirming that it’s up by 24%.  It’s estimated that 66,000 people will become homeless by 2024.

As we race towards a recession on the back of a global pandemic.  Stress and mental health issues are also on the rise, and we have an under resourced NHS unable to cope with the growing demand for services.

AMAT has lost a contract and fundraising has become more challenging because there are more charities applying for support.  Frankly, we’re still in a position where we are having to cope with an increase in need and a decrease in income.

We’re managing a staff team who are dedicated but dealing with more pressures personally.  The senior management team and I have focused on ways we can provide support and development opportunities for them.  We’re all constantly being bombarded with news about awful things, which adds to the relentless nature of how the world is today and takes it toll on all of us.  Which affects our empathy and tolerance.

I was reminded of the expression, “hope springs eternal” recently as I walked into my office, I glanced out at our terrace and saw some pretty daffodils. Our lovely Janice has taken on the task of looking after the plants and flowers in our community space.  I sent her a kudos, on our HR system, to thank her for doing a good job, which she really appreciated and it lifted her spirits.  Personally, spring being on the way is a positive thing, the lighter evenings and warmer weather does tend to lift people’s mood.

I believe that good people can and do make a difference.   I think treating ourselves and everyone else with kindness and compassion is the way to take challenging times and make them a bit easier for everyone.    I know it doesn’t solve everything, but sometimes taking a deep breath and a moment to appreciate nature or a beautiful view is healing.   Taking the time to let someone know that you see and appreciate their effort and care, goes a long way.   We’re all struggling – be kind, always.   In the meantime, I’ve included a picture of our lovely daffodils for you to enjoy.

Speak to you all soon. X

How you can help AMAT

There are lots of ways in which you can help support AMAT to ensure that we can continue to provide our support to the homeless and vulnerable people in Medway.